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Our Building Process

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

Initiating our process is simple. Once contacted, we try to secure a meeting with the prospective client. Prior to meeting, it is important for you to provide all information regarding the project up front so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate. The information we require prior to meeting, includes your scope of work, budget and the need for land or building designs.

If you need assistance preparing your information, we provide an outline on our contact page. We also have a large inventory of house plans on hand if you are looking to start from scratch.

Phase 2: Project Evaluation

After the initial meeting, DBH will review and evaluate the proposed project. We determine the approval/rejection of the proposal based on the feasibility of the project. Unfortunately, we may decline the project based on availability, budget, etc.

Phase 3: Cost Estimate and Provision of Quote

If approved, we will develop a cost estimate for the project and provide a quote for the rendering of our services. It is extremely important that you factor contingency costs before making a decision.

Phase 4: Financial Approval, Contract & Deposit

If the client wishes to proceed, DBH will present the client with a contract, formalizing the agreement. We will also look to obtain a deposit cheque and a letter of financing prior to initiating the project.

Phase 5: Commencement of Construction

If you are interested or ready to start building with DBH click below.